Sunday, January 13, 2013

Things that make you go hmmm!

All the flash and the splash of CES 2012 is over for another year. The big corps. and the little tech shops that hang out on the fringes have headed on home.  So why should archivists care about a technology exhibition in Las Vegas?  We should care because they are designing the technologies that will drive record creation in the future. 

While ever larger flatscreens, curved screens and higher definition drive the glitz a few reporters and tech savvy folk have noticed that the news at this conference is health - the maintenance and monitoring of one's health.  Check it out at: CBC - and Ashley Norris' article at Digital Health Summit:

Some of these gadgets may seem gimmicky while others perhaps the wave of the future.  All are recording information and that information requires storage and management.  Who is considering our health privacy and the maintenance of our personal health history.  What controls are considered for a product such as BodyMedia's adhesive patch that documents 5000 data points and is disposable?

Food for thought.

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